Wetpol 2007

Post-symposium tour to West Estonia

The post-symposium tour will bring the participants to two national parks and one protected wetland area, also a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment will be visited.
The tour starts on Friday, 21st September 2007 at 8.00 am in the centre of Tartu (close to most hotels where the participants stay).
During the first day, the Soomaa National Park (www.soomaa.ee), a large protected area with several raised bogs, fens, and riparian forests and meadows will be visited. On the way to Soomaa National Park, we visit a hybrid constructed wetland treating wastewater from a schoolhouse in Paistu/Sultsi (Viljandi county). For lunch, some sandwiches, fruits, coffee/tee, and cold drinks are available. In the afternoon, the Nigula raised bog (www.loodus.ee/nigula/reserve.html) with pristine wetland forests on mineral soil islands and a dystrophic lake is the main goal of the tour.
We stay over night in one of the hotels in Pärnu, a famous summer -resort and the third largest city of Estonia.
On Saturday, 22nd September the tour follows to the Matsalu National Park (www.matsalu.ee) , one of the oldest nature protection areas in Estonia characterized with large reedbeds in Matsalu Bay, coastal meadows, alvars, and wooded meadows. This Ramsar area is one of the most important habitats for nesting, moulting and migratory birds on the Baltic coast.
Lunch packets and drinks are available. In the afternoon participants will arrive in Tallinn.

The participation fee for the tour is 120 Euro per person, it includes transportation, guidance, lunches, and overnight stay (with breakfast) in Pärnu.

We try to help participants if there are departures of flights later than 17.00.

Participants staying in Tallinn until Sunday, 23rd September, will pay for the overnight stay by their own, however, the organising committee will help to book hotel rooms if required.

Sunday morning, on 23rd September, a guided tour in Tallinn can be organised for the participants if there is any interest on it.

If you are planning to participate in the tour, please inform us before the end of August!!

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