Wetpol 2007

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Objectives and Overview

The first WETPOL symposium on dynamics and control of pollutants in wetlands was successfully held in September 2005 in Ghent, Belgium. About 165 participants from 40 countries were taking part in this conference. A special issue of the journal Science of the Total Environment consisting of selected peer-reviewed papers is under preparation. The WETPOL 2007 symposium is a follow-up of the first one considering similar process-based topics on pollutants dynamics in various types of wetlands. Pollutant removal and fate in natural and constructed wetlands for pollution control as well as wetland restoration aspects are other main themes of the symposium.

Specific conference topics are:

- nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon cycling
- heavy metals in wetlands
- organic pollutants in wetlands
- wetland hydrology
- redox-sensitive processes
- molecular/microbial advances in wetland research
- functioning of plants in the wetland environment
- assessment and evaluation of ecological effects
- attenuation of faecal microbial contaminants in wetlands
- modelling of pollutant removal
- model-based design and operation
- site-specific and generic risk assessment of pollutants
- wetlands' role in catchment management
- wetland restoration and biogeochemical processes


University of Tartu (Estonia)
Estonian University of Life Sciences (Tartu, Estonia)
Ghent University (Belgium)
UNESCO-IHE (Delft, The Netherlands)


University of Tartu,  Vanemuise 46,  Tartu 51014,  Estonia      Tel: +372 7375819,  fax: +372 7375825